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"I Know When Love is Real"

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heatherleanne98 asked: I am in absolute LOVE with your fanfic! <3 Are you planning on writing more? Not trying to be pushey but you deffinitly should! (:

sorry but im probably not :( thanks so much for reading though! 

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So my friend decided to write a rap going to What Makes You Beautiful. This is the result haha!

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Here we go

1D in the US

every girl on every block

is really impressed

You have Liam, Louis,

 Harry, Zayn, and Niall

Crowd is screaming

like there’s a wild 

Fire, started on X-Factor

don’t have a favorite

Support is what matters

Directioners I know hit reblog

instead of doing homework or feeding the dog

Everyone else in the US is tweeting

Even President Obama

I’m blasting Up All Night

When I am in the car

I play each song to bed or on the guitar

I like to harmonize to Tell Me A Lie

Because I know, One Direction loves fans so,

Give Niall food, and give Zayn a mirror

Liam hates spoons, oh but it can get weirder

Louis is superman, Harry’s a lady’s man

But it’s all in good fun, One Direction’s #1

But I adore, Simon Cowell so much more

But I’m not done

Let’s have some fun

My bucketlist says to sing with One

Direction but I’ve got no luck

So I’ll just rap 

and do the pelvic thrust

Then I’ll rap Fresh Prince of Bell Air

Think of all the Jack Wills they wear

Harry gets naked all the time, but nobody minds

Zayn rides the rollercoaster of life

Louis and Liam both have mates

Niall’s Directioner wife awaits

Because I know, One Direction loves fans so

Carrots are in and bananas are out

Braces are a turn on, silly string’s a fav no doubt

1D moms are the boss

it sucks that Kevin is lost

But you don’t know

Inbetweeners dance go!

They light up our world like nobody else

The way that they flip their hair gets us overwhelmed

And when we smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell

that they know

One Direction we love them so

Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam

Oh how we all want to meet them

Directioners love the idea of snogs

If we like it, then we click reblog

Swag’s on deck

Their style is hip

But we all know One Direction runs the ship

Is there more?

That’s not it x3

Vas Happenin’?! classic catch phrase

Twilight’s done, but 1D’s not a phase

Don’t know what else to say

But it’s all in good fun

One Direction’s #1

But I adore Simon Cowell so much more

But I adore Paul Higgins so much more

omfg. I love this haha :D

LOL. You go girl

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